Dr. Sophia Brandstetter


Clinical Hourly Rate $250/hr
  - $250/hr

I am a licensed psychotherapist who is rooted in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic and relational theories. In recent years, as a compliment to my psychotherapeutic approaches, I’ve shifted my training to include psychedelic medicines as a method for integrating the mind, body, and soul. In many ways we are rediscovering verifiable facts about the impact of psychedelic medicines on our neurochemistry, physiology, and psychology. I have witnessed plant medicine as a power catalyst for change for my patients.

At this time our work must center around Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Ketamine is renowned for uncovering our intrinsic healing capacity while transporting us to a place of higher consciousness. The ketamine psychotherapy experience can bring attention to deep-rooted emotions, patterns, narratives, and/or experiences that could be unconscious sticking points or barriers to our growth. Ketamine sessions often access an abundance of material that might take months or years to uncover in traditional psychotherapy. Previous patients have stated, I have felt in a couple of hours, I have learned more about myself than I have in several years of psychoanalysis. Confirmations like this are common and the insight the ketamine sessions impart can remain long after the effects of the ketamine have dissipated.

At higher dosages, psychedelic medicines have the capacity to allow for significant disruptions of self‑consciousness, a phenomenon known as medicine-induced ego dissolution. Using your experience with the medicine as a guide, we can collaborate in understanding the experience of dissolution to create opportunities for regeneration and integration.

As you can see, I believe providing therapeutic support to be a vital part of the curative mechanism of the psychedelic experience. Together we will work on building a therapeutic relationship founded on trust, safety, and mutual respect for the sacred work the medicine can help facilitate. The approach we co-create can enhance the experience and make way for relief and change.

If you’re entering treatment to address trauma or if you’ve experienced trauma, it’s important to understand the healing significance of the therapist as a witness. Research on treating trauma explores how the witnessing (experiencing the presence of another) is considered an essential prerequisite for our capacity to narrate our experiences. One of the crucial impacts of a trauma is the damaging effect caused by the absence of a witness: without a witness we may have lost touch with how to make sense of what has happened, but when we gain a witness, the experience becomes more possible to know and understand, and healing can begin. As your witness in your psychedelic journey my role is to be visible in all the necessary ways to offer support.

My intention is to design a program that meets your expectations. I’m open to the many possibilities of what may work for you and want to invite you to imagine and share your hopes and needs for the journey. A psychedelic experience is a personal process and I welcome the opportunity to meet for a free consultation to answer all your questions and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities

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Rate Breakdown

The Ko-Op is a cooperative of clinicians, and each practitioner has their own fee structure, method and practice with the medicine. To discover what’s possible for your treatment it is best to schedule a free consultation with the therapist with whom you’re interested in working. This information is meant to serve as a guide to help you begin to envision treatment and fee structures.

On each of the therapists’ bios appears an hourly fee. To estimate the costs of treatment you can multiply that fee by the number of hours outlined in the treatment options listed below.
The Ko-Op does not offer set packages and does not prescribe a general number of sessions, instead you will collaborate with your therapist to develop a treatment protocol aligned with your needs and goals.
Please note, many people do a variation of these treatment offerings over the course of their healing journey:

• 3hour in person Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session: You work with the therapist in person at the Ko-Op (1625 South Street).

• 1-3 hour Virtual Ketamine Session: You and your therapist decide what length of time you will meet online as part of your medicine session, and you’re only billed for that time.
• At home medicine and the support of an individual therapist: You administer the medicine at home, on your own, in safe setting, and then meet with your therapist (in person or virtually) for Integration Sessions (50 min processing sessions) 1-4 times a month.
• At home medicine and the support of the Integration Group: You administer your medicine at home, on your own, in a safe setting, and then attend a biweekly virtual Psychedelic Psychotherapy processing group led by a therapist. .

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