Eriach Fox


Clinical Hourly Rate $160/hr

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with over twenty five years experience in the behavior health field who believes that psychedelic assisted therapies and support have the potential to support people with integrating their lived experiences to become whole again. Being able to have meaningful experiences while being supported with other therapies such as EMDR therapy or internal family systems (IFS) can lead to finding the safety and compassion needed to heal the hurt and burdened parts of yourself.

I can work with you first to identify the parts of you that need healing, their origin, and the role(s) they play in your life. Then I can support and guide you through that process to help you find a more integrated space in your life and body.

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Rate Breakdown

The Ko-Op is a cooperative of clinicians, and each practitioner has their own fee structure, method and practice with the medicine. To discover what’s possible for your treatment it is best to schedule a free consultation with the therapist with whom you’re interested in working. This information is meant to serve as a guide to help you begin to envision treatment and fee structures.

On each of the therapists’ bios appears an hourly fee. To estimate the costs of treatment you can multiply that fee by the number of hours outlined in the treatment options listed below.
The Ko-Op does not offer set packages and does not prescribe a general number of sessions, instead you will collaborate with your therapist to develop a treatment protocol aligned with your needs and goals.
Please note, many people do a variation of these treatment offerings over the course of their healing journey:

• 3hour in person Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session: You work with the therapist in person at the Ko-Op (1625 South Street).

• 1-3 hour Virtual Ketamine Session: You and your therapist decide what length of time you will meet online as part of your medicine session, and you’re only billed for that time.
• At home medicine and the support of an individual therapist: You administer the medicine at home, on your own, in safe setting, and then meet with your therapist (in person or virtually) for Integration Sessions (50 min processing sessions) 1-4 times a month.
• At home medicine and the support of the Integration Group: You administer your medicine at home, on your own, in a safe setting, and then attend a biweekly virtual Psychedelic Psychotherapy processing group led by a therapist. .

Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, & Florida