“Bringing parts together to make a whole.”

Group Psychedelic Therapy

The Purpose: Psychedelic integration helps to achieve a sense of “wholeness” which many seek from their psychedelic experience. 

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What is Psychedelic Integration?

Integration is a process in which a person revisits and actively engages in making sense of, working through, translating, and processing the content of their psychedelic experience. Through intentional and supportive practices, this process allows one to gradually capture and incorporate the emergent lessons and insights into their lives, thus moving toward greater balance and wholeness, both internally and externally. 

The Why

Integration is as fundamentally important to the healing process as the journey itself. Effective Integration is the difference between having a meaningful journey and changing the trajectory of your life. Many will seek out integration work individually with their clinician; however, many are beginning to see the powerful place group Integration works holds is the process. 
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The Group Experience

Why Have Groups?

Group containers allow for a shared experience. We have seen their long history in ceremonial, recreational, and indigenous contexts with psychedelics and plant medicines. Many indigenous cultures have these experiences sewn into the fabric of their culture. It is commonplace to welcome an individual back after their own experience, support them as they reintegrate into their society, and play an integral part in their healing process. 

How & Where?

The Ko-Op offers virtual integration circles. With individuals who may be experiencing Ketamine Therapy in its various forms or have explored other plant medicines. This is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together under the pretends of exploring their experience with plant medicine and psychedelics. The facilitator of the integration circles is a licensed clinician trained in plant medicine integration. 

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