For Therapists

Group Ketamine Experiential

It’s hard to provide a service without experiencing the journey yourself.

Our group Ketamine Experiential can give you a clear understanding of its profound effects and how it can be used for therapy.

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What is the group KAP experiential?.

If you’re a clinician interested in exploring Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), we recommend starting with your own experience as a patient. Undergoing a ketamine journey offers you firsthand insight into the profound effects of this treatment so that you can understand how the experience can impact your clients.

It’s closed-group, medicine sessions that include the assessment, preparation, and integration you need to create the best possible journey.

The Process

How The Group Ketamine Experiential Works

Free Q&A

A FREE virtual Q&A where your questions can be answered and you can have the opportunity to see if this program is the right fit for you.

Duration: 1 Hour

Medical Evaluation

A 30-minute virtual medical evaluation with the Ko-Op’s physician.

Duration: 30 Minutes


Virtual group preparation session.

Duration: 1 Hour

Medicine Session

 Virtual or in person at the Ko-Op.

Duration: 3 Hours


Virtual Integration session.

Duration: 1 Hour

Medicine Session

Virtual or in person at the Ko-Op.

Duration:  3 Hours


Closing virtual integration session.

Duration: 1 Hour


This is a closed group, meaning that the same members will participate each time and it will not be open to any new members for the duration of the series. Group participants will need to commit to the entire series.

Next Steps

If you are interested in joining the next group, please review the schedule below. If you would like to attend, please contact the Ko-Op for the Q&A virtual meeting link or connect with us if you have any additional questions.


Spring 2024 Dates

Feb 27th


Virtual Q & A

March 12th


Virtual Preparation Session

March 15th


Group Medicine Session (Virtual or at the Ko-Op)

March 19th


Virtual Integration Session

March 22nd


Group Medicine Session (Virtual or at the Ko-Op)

March 26th


Closing Virtual Integration session

Join the Meetup group below to learn more and see upcoming dates of our Virtual Q&A.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we cannot guarantee what sort of experience you will have during the ketamine session, some people do have challenging experiences. We will be present to support you through the dosing session. Even though the experience may be challenging, it may also bring to light important issues to address during integration
For those who wish to continue working after the group is over, we will work with you to ensure that you are connected to another psychotherapist who is trained in ketamine to work with you individually.
There is no prerequisite to be in therapy to join the group, however, we require all participants to be connected with some mental health resources that they can access for support after the completion of the program. This can include an individual therapist, group therapy, psychiatrist, coach, etc. since after the group, we will not be able to provide ongoing clinical support. We will offer referral resources for people who are interested in additional treatment.

Absolutely! As long as your “friend” is a clinician and meets criteria for the group.

As therapists, we naturally gravitate towards self-care and self-healing. If you are interested in doing a piece of your own work that will advance your personal healing journey, then this is the right group for you. This opportunity will also provide you with profound insight to speak with your own clients about the power of this medicine.

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